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Easanya Eco Green

Singapore’s No. 1 importer and supplier of Areca leaf dinnerware! Our mission to strive to help people to use less plastics, adopt natural products and promote green practices while saving energy
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Greetings from Easanya Eco Green Pte Ltd!

(Singapore’s No. 1 importer and supplier of Areca (palm) leaf dinnerware!)Homepg_Quotte.png

Easanya has set its mission to strive to help Singapore people to use less plastics, adopt healthier nutrition and promote green practices while saving energy.

To walk the talk of providing and promoting alternatives to plastics, we are pleased to offer you with an affordable, compelling and classy selection of our Palm (Areca) leaf healthy dinnerware that’s being produced with sustainable resources (made from fallen leaves, 100% natural) through environment friendly processes (no chemicals or additives added) and goes back to earth as compost when disposed (biodegradable and compostable).

Easanya’s product range includes 100% Natural Indian Areca (Palm) leaf made aesthetic plates, bowls and Birchwood cutlery in cute shapes and various sizes.

Simply put, Easanya means Goodness, brings only natural and healthy products to you!